The Cohabit

What does it take to live together?

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The Cohabit is the story of love and loss and the future of relationships.

Couples living together outside of marriage, called cohabitation, has increased 1500% in a mere few decades. We seek to document this shift and the profound implications it is having on families and culture by asking, “What does it take to live together today?” Through a blend of non-fictional narrative journalism with a fictional romantic drama, “The Cohabit” gives an intimate window into a world never before discussed at such length, with such scope, and with such insight.

Some of Our Guests

The Cohabit

Ann Friedman

is an L.A. Based freelance journalist who writes about gender, politics, and culture. She is a columnist for New York Magazine, newsletter aficionado, and the co-host of the popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend that she hosts with her “long distance bestie” Aminatou Sow.

Dr. Elizabeth Pleck

is a professor emerita of history at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is the author of Not Just Roommates: Cohabitation After the Sexual Revolution and specializes in the study of 20th century U.S. women’s history, history of women and gender.

Dr. Galena Rhoades

is a research associate professor of psychology at the University of Denver. Her research focuses on cohabitating couples and romantic relationship development. She also runs her own private practice, specializing in couples and families.

Lillian Faderman

is an internationally recognized expert on lesbian and LGBT history and literature. She is the author of The Gay Revolution which was named a New York Times and Washington Post 2015 Notable Nonfiction Book.

Lianna Carrera

is a comedian, writer, and actor, touring internationally as a stand-up comic. She is currently cohabiting in Los Angeles, California with her partner and their dogs.
The Cohabit